Oct 29

Christmas Poinsettias

Our 2017 poinsettia program for churches is as follows (delivery is included):

4 1/2″ pot (1 plant) – $6

6 1/2″ pot (1 plant) – $10

7 1/2″ pot (2 plants) – $12

10″ pot (4 plants) – $35

For our churches,  we offer the following poinsettia colors:  red, white, pink, burgundy, red/white, pink/white AND

the following wrap colors:  green, gold, red, white AND

the following bow colors:  red, white, hunter green, gold

How to order:  just send us an email with your church name, your name, phone number and the date you wish for your plants to be delivered.  I will contact you with more information.  We look forward to making Christmas 2017 beautiful in your church!!