Field Trip Form

Thanks so much for booking a field trip with us!!  This Fall’s Field Trip Program will be available Mondays through Thursdays (no Friday Field Trips)

Please complete the form and submit it.  I will send you a confirmation via email, which will include your date/time and picnic area booking.

Keep in mind the following:

Due to the fact that SLED background checks are necessary in many districts, any parents/chaperones attending your field trip to Stewart Farms must be approved by you/your school. Unapproved adults will not be allowed to enter the farm property. I will MAIL your chaperone wristbands to the school mailing address that you provide on your Field Trip Form.  The number of wristbands will match the number of chaperones you list on your Field Trip Form. 

Please have all chaperones wear their bracelets on field trip day.

All adults, siblings, etc. will participate in the same activities as the students, including choosing a pumpkin from the patch.  Our desire is that your visit is educational, fun and safe for everyone.
Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks again for your interest in our farm!!!