Springtime at Stewart Farms

Strawberries and Greenhouses (Mid-April through May)

At Stewart Farms, we grow the highest quality berries on raised, plastic beds. Our customers enjoy picking their own berries (with samples galore!) or buying strawberries already picked.

Springtime is a great time to get out to the farm! Whether you are a family looking for a fun, farm experience or a jammer looking for 5 gallons to make jam, our strawberries make springtime pickin a family tradition.

We provide containers for your pickin pleasure. If you prefer pre-picked gallons, please call ahead for availability.

Our greenhouses are packed full of annuals, perrenials, herbs, hanging baskets, vegetable plants and much more. We have the largest selection of premium 12 inch hanging baskets in the Upstate and more vegetable varieties than some seed catalogs! You’ll feel like springtime just walking in the door!


How to care for your Strawberries

When storing your berries, spread on a cookie sheet (one layer) and refrigerate. Best if used within 2-3 days of picking.

For best results, wash and cap berries only when you are ready to use them.

For freezing whole berries spread one layer on cookie sheet and freeze, then place in freezer bags. You can take out a few at a time by freezing individually. Then wash, cap, and enjoy! (This is Grannys recipe)

For freezing worked berries wash, cap, slice and add sugar to taste. Place in refrigerator overnight. Place in freezer bags and freeze. Tastes just like the day the berries were picked!


We offer field trips to the strawberry patch.

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