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skull-2The BIG BOO


Tsunflower2Greenhouse Opening Saturday, September 23

Visit our greenhouse for pansies, violas, and a huge selection of farm-grown fall garden mums!

Pansies/Violas $15.99 flat

Fall Garden Mums   $6 or 5 for $27.50

Fall Ornamentals


pumpkin-patchPumpkin Patch Opening Saturday, September 23

We have a huge selection of farm-grown pumpkins ranging in price from $2 to $50 – all shapes, sizes, and colors!

60¢ per pound




country-storeFarm Store Opening Saturday, September 23

Visit our Farm Store @Stewart Farms – Das Jam Haus jams and jellies, flags, garden supplies, really cool Round Top fall decorative items, specialty foods from Relish Barn, almost a billion scarecrows and much more!!!



hayrideWagon Rides around the farm!!

Take a 50 minute peaceful wagon ride around the farm, enjoying our scarecrow families along the way.

Nighttime Wagon Rides begin Friday, Oct. 13, coinciding with our Big Boo MAiZE.

Daytime rides end at 6 pm each evening.

DAYTIME RIDE – $4 per person, excluding lap-babies



special_eventGroups During the Week

We love to have pre-booked groups visit with us during the week. Email for information, dates, and times.



Tsun2Honey Bee Observatory

Visit our honey bee observatory and see our hard-working friends doing what they do best. We love our bees so much, we created a maze just for them in 2011!!!


farm-animalsThe Farm Yard @ Stewart Farms

Back by popular demand – Our farm animals make you feel right at home on the farm!!!